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AWS Security Specialty Certification exam Content by Domain.
Domain% of  Exam
1.0  Incident Response12%
2.0  Logging and Monitoring20%
3.0 Infrastructure Security26%
4.0  Identity and Access Management20%
 5.0  Data Protection22%

Some of the tools that we should be comfortable with before taking the exam:

  1. AWS Trusted Advisor:
  2. AWS Config:
  3. AWS Cloudformation:
  4. Amazon API Gateway:
  5. AWS CloudTrail:
  6. Amazon Cloudwatch:
  7. VPC flow logs:
  8. AWS Service Catalog:
  9. Amazon GuardDuty:
    • Will not protect against DDoS attacks of an entire application.

Some of the incident indicators:

  1. Logs and monitors
  2. Billing Activity
  3. Threat Intelligence
  4. AWS Support
  5. Public Response

Incident Response

  1. Instance Isolation
  2. Exposed Access Keys: Invalidate Credentials, Revoke privileged access, Determine the source of the IAM access keys, verify integrity and determine blast radius.
Infrastructure security

Some of the tools we should know:

  1. Amazon Route 53 – Only available AWS Service with 100% SLA.
  2. AWS WAF
  3. Amazon CloudFront
  4. AWS Shield
Identity And Access Management
  1. IAM Limits
  2. AWS Managed Microsoft AD
  3. AD Connector
  4. Simple AD
  5. Amazon Cognito
  6. AWS STS
Data Protection
  1. AWS Key Management Service
  2. AWS Certificate Manager
  3. AWS Cloud HSM
  4. Encryption at Rest (For DB, S3, Glacier, Glacier vault etc)
    • Client Side encryption
    • Service Side encryption
  5. Encryption at Transit (RDS, Dynamodb, webapps etc)
  6. AWS Secrets Manager
  7. AWS Systems Manager

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